Bezprzewodowy system do gitary Isolo

Opis produktu

Isolo-REC- bezprzewodowe połaczenie i nagrywanie z odbiornikiem usb podpiętym do pc/laptopa

wireless acoustic microphone system, recording version, black, iSolo transmitter: 
studio quality condenser microphone with goose neck, stand alone analog-to-digital 
conversion, ultra low noise microphone preamp with adjustable gain, charger input,
 power indicator, ON/Pair button, recording receiver-USB interface: pure digital 
audio stream for pristine sound quality, 16bit/48KHz un-compressed audio, 
no addition driver need, incl. traveling case, QuickStart Guide, MG01 x 2


Isolo-LIVE-bezprzewodowe połączenie z preampem,który należy połaczyć z kolumną/piecykiem gitarowym

wireless acoustic microphone system, live version, black, iSolo transmitter:
 studio quality condenser microphone with goose neck, stand alone analog-to-digital
 conversion, ultra low noise microphone preamp with adjustable gain, charger input, 
power indicator, ON/Pair button, Live receiver: two latency mode (12ms/20ms), 
output impedance 2K Ohms, frequency response = 50Hz-20kHz (+/-1db), volume, 
low cut filter, channel knob, audio line out, syncterminal, dc jack, antenna, 
with lightning connector, incl. traveling case, QuickStart Guide, charging line,
 AC adaptor, MG01 x 2, SH01

sprzęt występuje w 4 konfiguracjach :

iSolo-REC - RMG71  -for guitar,ukulele

iSolo-REC - RMV71  - for violin, viola, cello, double bass


iSolo-Live - LMGSH71  -for guitar, ukulele

iSolo-Live - LMV71     -for violin, viola, cello, double bass



Made just for musical instruments. iSolo can get closer to the instrument to capture the clean original sounds…the way it’s meant to be. And all you need to do is pair iSolo with the corresponding receivers. That’s it. The wireless and sound recording functions are then all hooked up without you breaking a sweat.

This tiny microphone works well with complex radio equipment and wireless systems. It’s really intuitive and user-friendly. What’s more, it’s designed to reduce wear and tear and to enhance sound quality. It gives you the freedom to put on live shows, personal recordings, and enjoy brand new experiences like never before.

One button is all it takes to pair the iSolo with a corresponding receiver for live audio reception or recording. Yeah, it’s a cinch!

No more worrying about placement positions like you had to before. With a special positioning design(we call it the “magic carpet”), iSolo sticks to any surface solidly. Its audio reception position stays fixed and consistent. So getting the perfect sound volume, quality, and stability issues are all taken care of.And it leaves no residue behind – one less thing to worry about when you’re focusing on your performance.

Don’t you hate it when minute changes to audio reception positions affect the sound quality? Well, now you can adjust and extend the microphone audio reception position the way you like it. So set it and forget about it. Leave it to iSolo to get your personal tone and your unique style.

It’s like this thing’s on autopilot so it’s always there to capture the material when you perform at your best. High-sensitivity, low-noise, wide-range omni-directional – iSolo is the microphone that’s got it all. And because it gets up close to the music instrument, iSolo helps to eliminate interference from the surrounding environment, allowing for the true sounds to be captured every time.





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